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Animal Feed Additives

Whole dried shrimp

Dried Whole Shrimp

Insects and shrimps represent the clade Pancrustacea of the phylum Arthropods. Being valuable sources of nutrients and bioactive compounds, insects and shrimps possess several physiological similarities but are processed and consumed in different ways.

Shrimp Meal

Shrimp Shell Meal

The advantages of shrimp meal shell include providing protein and nutrients suitable for livestock. Improves the taste of food, stimulates growth and development. Calcium and pigment supply are essential elements in eggshell formation and quality of egg yolk.

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Yucca Shidigera

Yucca Green

A dry, granular product, with 30% of solids derived from Yucca Schidigera may be used in certified organic production, according to the USDA National Organic Program Rules.

Reduced concentrations of ammonia and other noxious gases provide for improved environment for the welfare of animals, with enhanced air quality that reduces stress and discomfort and promotes improved health, growth, and feed efficiency.

Natural Yucca Products

Yucca Feed Additive (liquid and granular)

An all – natural, environmentally safe odor-eliminating product.

Certified HACCP and Safe Feed/Safe Food

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