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Soil Additives

Soil additives provide an array of essential nutrients for plant growth and development. 

Shrimp Shell Meal

The advantages of shrimp shell meal include providing protein and nutrients suitable for livestock. Improves the taste of food, stimulates growth and development.

Shrimp Meal

Shrimp Meal is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium and is a safe, effective and wonderful to use on all types of vegetable and flower gardens as well as herbs. As a valuable by product, Shrimp Meal will break down rapidly in your soil to promote vigorous plant growth and development.

Crab Shell Meal

Organic Crab and Lobster Shell meal is an excellent dry organic source of Nitrogen and Phosphorous, Calcium and Magnesium. Used primarily as a soil amendment, crab shell meal is becoming popular with growers and a potting mix growing medium It will also help with nematode and fungus problems.


Biochar as a soil amendment enhances plant growth and reduces need for water and fertilizer. This is because more moisture and nutrients remain in the soil and don’t leach into the groundwater. Biochars’ ability to retain water and nutrients in the surface soil horizons for long periods benefits agriculture by reducing nutrients leaching from the crop root zone, potentially improving crop yields, and reducing fertilizer requirements.

Sea Kelp Meal

Kelp Meal provides a way to naturally return vital soil nutrients from the ocean back to your plants, trees and turf. Kelp Meal contains many more nutrients than Standard N-P-K fertilizers. These additional nutrients address a wider array of deficiencies. Organic fertilizers stimulate beneficial microbe growth. Both liquid kelp and kelp meal provide a wealth of macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) and micronutrients to all plants. Kelp meal and powder are considered extracts, and they are intended to be used as soil amendments or as a top dressing in general gardening.

Soil Additives

Additives for living soil

Soil Additives for healthy soil:

  1. Shrimp Shell Meal
  2. Crab Shell Meal
  3. Sea Kelp Meal pdf
    Sea Kelp Analysis pdf
  4. Biochar
  5. Gypsum
  6. Pure Worm Castings
  7. Penetrate 50
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