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Marine Meals and Liquid Concentrate

Shrimp Shell Meal

Manufactured from wild caught shrimp, processed at USDA facility.

Meal is an all-purpose fertilizer rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Calcium and Chitin, a natural polysaccharide that helps plants develop healthy immune responses.

Provides a concentrated source of minerals and like most marine based fertilizers is a natural product for enriching crop soils.


Container, Truckload, and Tote bags (2,000+ lbs)


2,000 lb Super Sacks FTL and LTL

Crab Shell Meal

Crab Shell Meal PDF spec Sheet

Wild Caught Crab Shell Meal Analysis Penn State (PDF)


Super Sacks

Squid Liver Powder

Squid Liver Powder (PDF)


Shrimp Protein Meal (PDF)


Full Container Only