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Pure Worm Castings

Pure Worm Castings: The earthworm’s digestive process is an incubator for microorganisms and these microbes, which multiply rapidly when they are excreted, alter the ecosystem of the soil. Some make nitrogen more available to plant roots, accounting for the increased growth. The high diversity and numbers of microbes outperform those in the soil that cause disease.

Soil managed with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides may lack microbial diversity.  Pure Worm Castings vermicompost added to soil helps to restore and balance the natural biota of the soil.

Pure Worm Castings Vermicompost enhance soil biodiversity by promoting the beneficial microbes, which in turn, enhances plant growth. Due to its innate biological, biochemical and physiochemical properties, Pure Worm Castings vermicompost can be used to promote sustainable agriculture.




2,200 lb. Super Sacks or 44 lb. x 50 bags Single pallet Minimum
Available by FTL and LTL

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