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Natural Zeolite

Natural Zeolite additions to soils may be expected to do the following:

• loads and regulates the release of nutrients into soil
• adsorbs and holds potentially harmful or toxic substances
• balances the pH level of soils
• improves aeration and minimizes compaction
• improves strong root development
• retains moisture
• promotes germination and robust growth
• reduces the chance of root burning from excess ammonia
• improves ammonia retention and reduces nitrogen losses

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Zeolites are used as a promoter for better plant growth by improving the value of fertilizers; retaining valuable nitrogen and improving the quality of resulting manures and sludge. They can also be used as a molecular sieve or filter medium. Zeolite incorporation in soil has been found to increase crop yields and to promote nutrient use efficiency. Other possible uses being investigated include applications as a carrier of slow-release fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, and as a trap for heavy metals in soils.

Natural zeolites of sedimentary origin are widely used in agriculture both as individual fertilizer and a mix of mineral and organic fertilizers. Natural zeolites are crystalline nanoporous hydrated aluminosilicates. Natural zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicate frameworks with pores occupied by water, alkali, and alkaline earth-metal cations. Due to their unique 3D porous structure, these materials can acquire exceptional adsorption properties.

Natural Zeolite



2,000 lb. Super Sack Minimum