Natural Zeolite

Zeolite is an organic mineral derived from the reaction of volcanic activity and an alkaline water source. Zeolite is made up from a unique, crystalline lattice structure. Naturally arranged in a fixed and stable honeycomb framework built from aluminosilicates. Clinoptilolite Zeolite is a rare mineral that possess a negative charge. The negatively charged alumina and neutrally charged silica tetrahedral building blocks are stacked to form the honeycomb framework.

The correct application of Calcium Zeolites to soils may be expected to do the following:

• loads and regulates the release of nutrients into soil • adsorbs and holds potentially harmful or toxic substances • balances the pH level of soils • improves aeration and minimizes compaction • improves strong root development • retains moisture • promotes germination and robust growth • reduces the chance of root burning from excess ammonia • improves ammonia retention and reduces nitrogen losses Natural Zeolite.pdf Product Data Sheet – Ca Zeolite.pdf



2,000 lb. Totes