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Mycorrhizae Crop Inoculum

 Endomycorrhizae & Ectomycorrhizae Fungi

Endomycorrhizae & Ectomycorrhizae Fungi inoculants are agricultural amendments that use beneficial rhizosphericic or endophytic microbes to promote plant health. Many of the microbes involved form symbiotic relationships with the target crops where both parties benefit (mutualism). While microbial inoculants are applied to improve plant nutrition, they can also be used to promote plant growth by stimulating plant hormone production.

Endomycorrhizae & Ectomycorrhizae Fungi Research into the benefits of inoculants in agriculture extends beyond their capacity as biofertilizers. Microbial inoculants can induce systemic acquired resistance (SAR) of crop species to several common crop diseases (provides resistance against pathogens). So far SAR has been demonstrated for powdery mildew, take-all, leaf spot (Pseudomonas syringae, Ramos Solano et al., 2008) and root rot.



Dear Valued Customers,

We want to notify you the lab manufacturing mycorrhizal products has been modifying their inoculums. The reformulating is to meet new updated genus and species as identified by taxonomists. This will necessitate product label changes and re-registering the products with state agencies. The purpose of these modifications is to meet quality control requirements and maintain compliance with regulatory agencies.  Majority of products are registered in 48 states, and we can ship to them.

California is the exception as we are awaiting product label and OIM approval.

We will update shipping information for California as soon as we receive the authorization from CDFA.

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