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Feather Meal Soil Fertilizer

Slow release 13-0-0

Feather meal slow release nitrogen soil fertilizer is a common by-product of the poultry industry and is allowed under the NOP. Although total nitrogen levels are fairly high (10 to 13%), the nature of the fertilizer is to break down and release nitrogen slowly. Feather meal begins to release its nitrogen within 4-7 days of application. About 75% of the nitrogen is released at a steady rate “slow feed” as plants metabolize the nitrogen for 3 months or more. The slow release nitrogen decreases the chance of “burning” plants, with the remaining nitrogen releasing for up to another 3 months.

Nitrogen plays a role in the creation of nearly every plant structure

Nitrogen Organic Plant Fertilizer is one of several factors that will determine the rate of nutrient release, some include: soil pH level, moisture levels in the soil, soil temperature and the presence of enough microorganisms to break it down into plant available nutrients. Organic additives also provide useful changes to subsurface conditions by altering soil structure.

The key to optimizing a plant’s growth potential and the nitrogen inputs is understanding the different forms that nitrogen can take, and realizing how each form interacts with both the plant and the growing medium.


Feather meal soil fertilizer


Available by FTL only.

1 US ton Super Sacks