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Bacillus subtilis, non GMO Feeding an ever growing population will become increasingly difficult as resources continue to become constrained or diminished. Microbial products such as Bacillus subtilis will help to fill the gap through a variety of mechanisms including nutrient release, pathogen and pest resistance, plant growth promotion and protection of the plant against environmental stresses.

Plant Growth & Health (PGH) provides a five (5) strain Bacillus blend targeting plant health and growth promotion. The Bacillus strains were chosen primarily for their wide array of enzyme production that helps to hydrolyze crude substrates in the soil, making the nutrients more available to the plant. The enzyme profile include amylase, protease, xylanase, cellulase, lipase and esterase. Further, the product helps improve and maintain a more balanced microbial ecosystem in the soil. This Bacillus blend provides activities across a variety of temperatures.

Usage Rates (4B) • Compliant with all microbial standards for biological soil amendments • Color: White or Beige • Form: Powder • Fiber Drum (50#/drum) Every application differs but commonly one pound (1.0lb) of product treats roughly 22 cubic yards or roughly 25 tons of soil (depending on moisture and density). Successful small pilot field studies are recommended with each plant species and soil type prior to mass application of product to avoid unknown plant or soil interactions.


Ask about Micron N, our proprietary blend of concentrated micronutrients designed to replenish and restore the micronutrients within a variety of microbial environments. Micron N provides over 100 essential vitamins and minerals required to support microbial life.

Bacillus subtilis non GMO Features and Benefits


Proprietary blend of over 100 vitamins and minerals

All-natural, Non-toxic


Supports microbial life

Restores and replenishes key nutrients

Allows microbes to thrive in a variety of environments.

Bacillus Subtilis Tech Data Sheet

Industries Served

Plant Health

Wastewater Treatment

Custom Fermentation

Institutional and Consumer





Minimum order runs: 250 lbs. 4B/cfu/gm

Available from 1 billion cfu/gm to 200 billion cfu/gm.

Ground Shipping/Handling US48 Incl.
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