Bacillus subtilis, non GMO

Feeding an ever growing population will become increasingly difficult as resources continue to become constrained or diminished. Microbial products such as Bacillus subtilis will help to fill the gap through a variety of mechanisms including nutrient release, pathogen and pest resistance, plant growth promotion and protection of the plant against environmental stresses.  
Multiple species of Bacillus are known to promote plant growth through stimulating phytohormones, solubilization and mobilization of phosphate, production of antibiotics, and induction of plant systemic resistance to pathogens. Applied early as a preventive the enhancement of plant growth by root-colonizing species of Bacillus can provide a solution to the early development stage of plant growth. Species of Bacillus are common inhabitants among the microflora of inner tissues of various species of plants, including cotton, grape, peas, spruce, and sweet corn, where they play an important role in plant protection and growth promotion.
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Aquaculture – Similar to any other farming system, the aquaculture industry must confront environmental problems resulting from the industry’s intensification and commercialization. Water quality, environment the symbiotic microbial relationship of direct fed probiotics.


Minimum order runs: 250 lbs

Available starting at 1 billion cfu’s per gram  up to 200 billion cfu’s.

Plant Health

Industries Served

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Custom Fermentation
  • Institutional and Consumer
  • Bioremediation
  • Landfill
  • Plant Health
  • Aquaculture