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Bio Char the Super Soil-Fixer

Outside barns emissions can occur during manure storage, composting and field application. Reducing the amount of ammonia being emitted from dairy farms is a complex endeavor. Farms are economic enterprises and solutions need to meet their bottom line.


Bio Char the Super Soil-Fixer

Bio Char the Super Soil-Fixer is the lightweight, black residue, of carbon and ashes, remaining after the pyrolysis of biomass. Biochar is defined by the International Biochar Initiative is a stable solid, rich in pyrogenic carbon and unlike compost, can endure in soil for thousands of years.  



MOQ: 2 Cu./Yd. Sacks, approx. 275 lbs.

LTL, FTL available

It is best to add biochar in small amounts every year and allow it to slowly build up in soil where it gets charged with nutrients and soil life. Depending on the soil type and pH, the crops you are growing, and the other additives, nutrients and inoculants, you may add as little as 1% and as much as 20%. A small amount of biochar banded under seeds where it will work in the root zone can be very effective. Up to 20% biochar added to container media along with appropriate nutrients can also work well. Be aware that large amounts of biochar can significantly change the hydraulic conductivity of the soil. If not covered with mulch, soil with large amounts of biochar can wick water to the surface where it evaporates and dries the surface of the soil.



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