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Granular Endomycorrhizal Fungi

Granular Endomycorrhizal Fungi inoculum consists of 4 selected species of endomycorrhizae. About 80% of the world’s plant species form with these types of mycorrhizae. These beneficial fungi greatly increase the effective rooting area of plants thereby enhancing plant growth, vigor and tolerance of environmental extremes. Endo Granular contains mycorrhizal fungi that colonize roots and extend into the surrounding soil forming an essential link between plant and soil resources. They greatly increase the root’s ability to absorb water and nutrients, while improving plant vigor and health.


Dear Valued Customers,

We want to notify you the lab manufacturing mycorrhizal products has been modifying their inoculums. The reformulating is to meet new updated genus and species as identified by taxonomists. This will necessitate product label changes and re-registering the products with state agencies. The purpose of these modifications is to meet quality control requirements and maintain compliance with regulatory agencies.  Majority of products are registered in 48 states, and we can ship to them.

California is the exception as we are awaiting product label and OIM approval.

We will update shipping information for California as soon as we receive the authorization from CDFA.

4 species Endomycorrhizae

60,000 Propagules per lb.


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Granular Endomycorrhizal Fungi
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