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Fulvic Acid Powder 90%

Fulvic Acid Powder 100% Soluble is an effective way to improve plant immunity and vitality. Its application contributes to increased growth, performance and yield of crops. Made from non-GMO corn.

Fulvic Acid 90% COA

Fulvic acid for agriculture improves soil quality, crop yield, and plant health. Concentrated fulvic and humic acid can be added to your existing watering and feeding schedules to boost the overall performance of your agricultural business. Fulvic acid can bring into soil solution significant amounts of iron reducing chlorosis in high pH soils. Fulvic acid also stimulates root growth so a plant can increase both water and nutrient uptake.

Humic and fulvic acids are essential for healthy plant growth. They help to increase the nutrient uptake of plants and can condition soil for a more efficient use of fertilizers. They help in establishing healthier roots, help increase yield and are beneficial for overall better plant development.

Fulvic acids are applied via foliar spraying providing nutrients that are quickly absorbed by the plant. They can also be used via irrigation mixed along with your regular nutrient solution.

Fulvic acids are those organic materials that are soluble in water at all pH values. Humic acids are those materials that are insoluble at acidic pH values (pH < 2) but are soluble at higher pH values.

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Shipping Incl. to 48 states

Packaging: 50 lb. bags or Bulk bags

Pallet: 2500 lbs., 1/2 pallet: 1,250 lbs.

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