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Earthcrew sources organic agricultural materials globally.


Our multilingual procurement specialists create our global partnerships.  

FULVIC ACID: from plant biomass, soluble powder, liquid concentrate

Applied to plant foliage, fulvic acids transport trace minerals directly to metabolic sites in plant cells.


Managing for the Global Environment
Earthcrew: a network committed to Industrial Ecology, that is, converting plant, animal and ocean wastes into valuable commodities.  We are global suppliers of a wide variety of agricultural inputs, custom blended fertilizers and animal feed additives.

Our goal: Products of the highest quality at the best pricing.

Commercial poultry farming places high demands on hygiene.  Animals in coop systems inevitably live in contact with their excrement. Therefore, the use of biochar as a litter amendment can significantly minimize this problem.   


                      85% Biochar carbon from biomass with bacillus.

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