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Biochar 80% Carbon inoculated with Bacillus


Water Extracted Liquid Fulvic Acid: 7%, 10%, 24% Concentrations


Worm Castings custom blended to customer specifications

Real Farmers Grow Soil First and Crops Second


Managing for the Global Environment
Earthcrew is involved with our international colleagues to integrate industrial ecology to convert plant, animal and ocean wastes into useable products. We are actively seeking solutions to cost efficient energy access, protecting water and soil quality. Our core strength lies in our network of committed individuals promoting more sustainable handling and development of material production and consumption as well as greater recycling and reuse of waste materials. We supply a variety of agricultural products both domestically and internationally, including custom blended materials and specialty products such as animal feed additives.
Our ultimate objective is to provide products of the highest integrity while affording our customers the most economically beneficial costs possible.


With our global supply chain and Earthcrew as your partner, opportunities exist for your success. Inform us about what you would like to do on our contact us page.

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Global Soil Resources

Earthcrew sources organic and raw materials from a global network of partners we trust.

Our bulk materials are aligned with people sourcing quality without compromise.

Product Endorsements and Associations

United Nations

USDA organic


Our material decisions are client driven and based on products appropriate for the environment. Supporting our supply of materials are our multilingual procurement specialists creating partnerships with suppliers. We monitor inventory by location and even goods within warehouse operations; we link the chain to enable synergy between purchasing and logistics.