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Earthcrew’s administrative offices are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.
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Beginning with our formation in 1996, the mission of Earthcrew, Inc., has been to develop and manufacture environmentally safe products without further compromising our shared ecosystem. Earth is sending us an SOS (SAVE OUR SOIL) and needs our help. Soil and its living organisms need food and air to do their work effectively, not more chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We are only beginning to understand the role of soil in storing and regulating carbon The soil covering our planet is vital to our living system and its health matters – to everyone. Organic fertilizers, soil and feed amendments, remediation, and microbial products assist in restoring the health and productivity of our soil. Earthcrew specializes in providing the foods that support this living system. Soil and its living organisms provide an underground defense system providing numerous services to our lives. These organisms need simple foods to do their work effectively. Productive soils are essential for nutritious food. Healthy soil teeming with microorganisms purifies our drinking water. Soil plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of gases we breathe. Treat soil as if your life depends on it; it does.

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