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Revitalizing the Soil


Many factors influence crop production, but a healthy established microbial community around plant
roots is foundational to a crop reaching its fullest genetic potential. Earthcrew’s soil solutions
— highest quality organic inputs, specific bacterial and fungal crop inoculums and enzymatic
compounds — that together help plants establish a strong foothold. Our product range includes soil
activators, bio- stimulants, microbial inoculants, and fertilizers. Soil health is tied to plant
health and the essential microbial communities that work in supporting all crops.
Many factors influence crop production. Adequate preparation shrinks the gap between genetic
potential and crop performance. To ensure the soil is replenished each season, attention should be
paid to fertility, pH, structure (tilth), organic matter content, drainage, tillage practices, site
selection, and microbial population performance.
Activating soil microflora and managing soil microbes is an essential step to increasing plant
vigor, while controlling soil borne pathogens. Beneficial microorganisms are the key to improved
soil fertility and root health. Maintaining plant beneficial microbiome functions is particularly
important for maintaining yield stability and to enable plant growth under drought or pathogen
Agriculture has an ecological reach that extends beyond the specific places where it is practiced
as it affects drinking water and climate.