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Humic Acid 12% Organic Concentrate

Super Hume Organic Concentrate is a ready to use 12% liquid of Humic/Fulvic acids sourced from Leonardite. It enhances soil particles. Use at planting stage to help start root growth.

Since humic acid contains fulvic acid and those two humates are good for helping plants access minerals, it can help you recover your mineral deficient plants. You’ll want to use it in liquid form, along with the missing nutrients. Spray it on the undersides of the leaves of your plant. Then also apply to the soil.

Humic acids generally aren’t considered a fertilizer. Whereas fertilizers provide specific nutrients to plants, humic (and fulvic) acids increase the availability and uptake of those nutrients, and improve the overall growing environment.

8% Humic

4% Fulvic

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Mag Hume

Liquid Humic acid 7.00%

Chelated Magnesium as (Mg) 4.00

Mag Hume is a micro-nutrient – humic acid liquid formulation. Designed to prevent and correct pre-existing Mg deficiencies along with the benefits of Humic Acid.

Super Hume Organic Concentrate


55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes

Super Hume/Seaweed
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