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Bio Char

The most critical aspect of agriculture today is providing long-term sustainability of our soils. Earthcrew supplies an 80% carbon Biochar manufactured from perennial plant biomass and pre-inoculated with Bacillus subtilis.

Biochar incorporated into soil can act as an extremely stable conditioner and fertility enhancer while storing Carbon for up to thousands of years.

Although modern research on biochar is in its infancy, the technology is not new. Ancient civilizations in the Amazon Basin utilized biochar (also known as terra preta or black soil) to sustain soil fertility.

Biochar is not a silver bullet but it is an important tool to addressing soil degradation, sustainable energy generation and waste conversion.

Biochar can be applied in animal husbandry to control odors and improve the nutrient retention in manure waste.

Magnification of the open pore structure of biochar. Each pore can hold nutrients and offer protection to beneficial soil microorganisms.

All organic matter added to soil improves various soil functions, not the least is the retention of nutrients. What is special about biochar is that it is much more effective in retaining most nutrients and keeping them available to plants than other organic matter such as leaf litter, compost or manures.

Biochar’s myriad, tiny pores serve as physical “shelters” for mycorrhizal hyphae and various symbiotic bacteria, protecting them from microbial predators.