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100% Soluble Sea Kelp Extract is designed to be used as part of a well-balanced plant nutritional program. The product is derived from Ascophyllum nodosum, which is the best known and most studied seaweed variety in the world. Sea kelp is perhaps the oldest known agricultural supplement.

Soluble Sea Kelp Extract can be applied as a foliar spray, soil applied, or through irrigation and fertigation systems to improve overall crop nutritional health, improve plant vigor and provide support during periods of stress.

Soluble Sea Kelp Extract contains an abundance of chelated micronutrients which can be readily absorbed by plants without any further decomposition needed. Applied as supplement to a balanced nutrient program it is compatible used with any fertilizer to support healthy, vibrant growth.

EC Soluble Kelp Extract COA1

Soluble sea kelp extract
UPS/Ground incl. to 48 states


 Packaging: 50 lb. bags

Pallet: 2500 lbs., 1/2 pallet 1,250 lbs.

Volume Pricing Available