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Latex Lutoid Powder

Latex Lutoid Powder is a waste-to-resource product. Plant sourced Phosphorous as a powder nutrient

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Utilization of waste from concentrated rubber latex industry for composting with addition of natural activators

The utilization of wastes from concentrated rubber latex industry for composting is promising as a sustainable and environmentally friendly method.The aim of this study was to utilize wastes including skim latex serum (SS) and concentrated latex sludge (CS) as a raw composting ingredient after being combined with para rubber wood sawdust (SD) at a ratio of SS, CS, and SD of 1:1:1.Effective microorganisms, pig manure and chicken manure were used as natural activator sand were added to the composted materials at ratios of 10, 20, and 30 wt%.The best activator for composting was found to be PM added at a ratio of 10 wt% after a composting time of 25 days.The growth of Chinese kale after application of this compost to which chitosan had been added produced a much higher yield of fresh weight than those was achieved using commercial compost. Thus, compost from waste materials produced from the rubber latex industry could be employed in conjunction with chitosan to promote better agricultural growth, and logically should contribute to cost saving in the latex industry as well as aiding its waste disposal.


Latex Lutoid Powder

Industrial Ecology

Latex Lutoid Powder is reclaimed from rubber production. As global demand of rubber products increases, converting the waste from this industrial system becomes essential.

Rubber Processing

Rubber processing consumes large volumes of water, energy and discharges enormous amounts of rubber serum diluted with water. Rubber serum contains proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and plant growth substances such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and High-phosphorus.

Waste to Resource

Drying the residue, a high phosphorus resource is captured. Utilization of latex rubber powder then offers an affordable High-phosphorus source while solving an industrial environmental problem.

Centrifuged residue of concentrated latex production is the by-product or waste of latex processing of the Hevea tree (Heveabrasiliensis). The 10-15% residue of fresh latex causes waste disposal cost and environmental problems for factories. Because this residue contains some nutrients (N, P, K) in available forms, it can potentially enhance para-rubber tree growth. However, this centrifuged residue (CR) has some small rubber pieces mixed within that needs to be blended to prevent soil problems. This waste contains some essential plant nutrients, but it requires a period of time for microorganisms to decompose into the available compounds for plant growth.

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