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Energized Silica Powder

Soil Oxygenator approved for use in organic agriculture by ECOCERT. It is also excellent added to compost for continued aeration of the pile.

Application Rates

Soilless and hydroponics application rate: by the gallon of water. In soilless media 0.25 gram per 1 gallon of water twice a week Or 0.5 gram per 1 gallon of water once a week (if only 1 nutrient mix is prepared during the week). The value of repetition is important when applying this product to address the different oxygen demands and cycles of growth Hydroponics: 10 gm to 52 gallons of water solution, once every week during growth phase. Horticulture, Crops in Greenhouses:  Before sowing or at planting: Apply by spraying on soil, approximately one cup diluted in 52 gallons of water. After 10 days: spray 5.25 ozs in 52 gallons of water; this will cover two acres of cultivable surface. Every 3 weeks: spray or incorporate into a drip system 5.25 ozs. added into 25-50 gallons of water to cover two acre area. The value of repetition is important to address the different plant cycles growth and oxygen demands.

In Nutrient Solutions:

For Seedlings or Transplants: Foliar apply 1oz of Energized Silica for 1000 square feet of surfaces diluted in 5 to 10 gallons of water. Maintenance: (every 10 to 15 days): Foliar apply 1 oz per 1000 square feet diluted in 5 to 10 gallons of water. In cases of high environmental pressure, use a foliar spray program every week until symptoms disappear. Always mix the Energized Silica (non-soluble quartz wettable powder) with water before pouring into the sprayer tank or adding other products. In irrigation systems, always have a mixer or pump running in water tank to keep homogeneous solution. For improved results, use an organic surfactant such as PENETRATE 50 (yucca extract) during foliar applications. For improved environmental efficiency in greenhouses and indoor grow environments a solution can be sprayed on walls, equipment and flooring.