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Soluble 7-7-6 Corn Steep Powder

Produced from non-GMO Corn

Soluble 7-7-6 Corn Steep Powder (CSP) is an excellent replacement for high odor organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion or chicken manure, or as a balanced fertilizer compared to soybean and feather meal. Unlike most organic fertilizers, the CSP nitrogen is readily available to the plant and not dependent on microbial activity for digestion and release. Especially beneficial to farm soils in transition to organic production.

The soluble powder is produced from non-GMO corn after the steeping procedure used during wet corn milling.

Soluble Corn Steep Powder
UPS/Ground Incl. to 48 states

NPK 7-7-6 Corn Steep Powder, the evaporated concentrate of corn solubles, is comprised of amino acids, minerals, and growth stimulators.

May be applied through irrigation and fertigation systems, as a foliar spray, added as a powder to compost  or as a soil additive.  Supports growth of microorganisms that convert waste into useable fertilizer.

Soluble Corn Steep Powder (NPK 7-7-6) helps promote the natural growth of plants with nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. It also contains micro-nutrients such as iron, sulfur, and manganese as well as amino acids and trace elements.