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Soluble Corn Steep Powder

Soluble 7-7-6 Corn Steep Powder is a Waste-to-Resource fertilizer from non-GMO Corn and is CDFA Approved as an Organic Input Material

Soluble 7-7-6 Corn Steep Powder (CSP) is an excellent choice as a balanced fertilizer.  CSP’s nitrogen is readily available to the plant and not dependent on microbial activity for digestion and release. Naturally contains Amino Acids, Micronutrients and Growth Stimulators. May be applied through irrigation and fertigation systems, as a foliar spray, added as a powder to compost or as a soil additive.  Supports growth of microorganisms that convert waste into useable fertilizer.

Corn Steep Concentrate COA

Corn Steep Concentrate TDS

Corn Steep is a water-soluble fertilizer, derived from non-GMO corn, that can be applied directly, or it can be mixed with other fertilizers, growth promoters (seaweed) or dry fertilizer, whether it is sprayed, irrigated, foliar or applied through soil.

Corn Steep powder helps promote the natural growth of plants with nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, it also contains micro-nutrients such as iron, sulfur and manganese, as well as amino acids and trace elements, which are completely non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free. It can also improve the structure and fertility of the soil, promote the activities of microorganisms and soil organisms, and the decomposition of nutrients in the soil in an effective and economic way.


  • Easy to apply and mix
  • Rich in organic maer and nutrients
  • Compared with chemical fertilizers, it contains fast-acting nitrogen that plants can easily absorb
  • It helps crops grow and improves the soil
Soluble Corn Steep Powder
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