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Penetrate 50 Yucca Extract

Penetrate 50 derived from yucca provides natural plant hormones and acts as a wetting agent to deliver water to crop plants during stress. Plants such as yucca producing are very good at making chemicals that help them adapted to harsh conditions. These phytogenic chemicals help plants use water and nutrients effectively during the growth cycle. That’s why yucca extracts are so beneficial. Yucca is a desert plant that has dealt with excessive heat, drought stress, and salt stress. When extracts are taken from plants adapted to such harsh conditions, many of the stress-reducing chemicals are harvested with them.

Yucca extracts when applied to crop plants, provides an extra boost of plant protection to deal with adverse conditions. Yucca are great at sequestering and using water. Yucca is high in natural wetting agents called saponins.


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Saponins are natural chemicals that actually make water wetter, breaking the polarity of the water molecules. The extract added to irrigation water, help water and nutrients to penetrate the soil surface and effectively spread to all the roots in the root zone. Since water is dispersed more evenly in the root zone, plants will be able to use water more efficiently, and should be able to go longer between irrigation cycles without adverse effects on the plants.

Yucca extracts also help reduce salt buildup in the soil. Water finds the path of least resistance, so when crops are watered plants in soil or soilless mix, micro-channels start to form in the growing media. The water tends to follow the same path every time, and when the soil dries between waterings, mineral salts can build up in the root zone.

Yucca extracts address the problem by allowing the water to spread more evenly, and preventing dry pockets from forming. Using yucca extracts on a regular basis can improve the uptake of water and minerals, and prevent many soil problems from developing. Yucca in irrigation water can even help keep drip emitters clean.

Yucca extracts have a direct effect on the biology of the root zone. The saponins and complex carbohydrates are beneficial for microorganisms. The natural wetting agents in yucca help keep the ionic molecules in suspension, aiding the plant with nutrient uptake.

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