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Soluble Icelandic Sea Kelp

Soluble Icelandic Sea Kelp is part of a well-balanced plant nutritional program. Derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum, kelp is perhaps the oldest known agricultural supplement.

Icelandic Sea Kelp Extract Powder COA

Icelandic Sea Kelp Extract Powder TDS

Kelp Meal should be applied in early spring and fall, when soil can be worked. Mix thoroughly into soil before transplanting or top dress existing plants. Kelp Meal can be used as a Fertilizer for flowers, vegetables, shrubs, houseplants, bulbs, trees, lawns, turfs and compost. Kelp is extremely nourishing. When applied as a fertilizer, kelp supplies the vast nutritional benefits of the ocean and brings more than seventy minerals and vitamins to your plants. Kelp fertilizer is good for plants and good for the soil.

Kelp is often mixed with fish products and used as a fertilizer to encourage healthier plant growth, promote greater fruit and vegetable yields and to overall enhance the general appearance of a garden or plant specimen. Since the ocean receives runoff from the entire earth, it contains all known minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. Seaweed contains 60 or more minerals and several plant hormones. It is not a complete fertilizer – it has a fair amount of nitrogen and potash, but very little phosphorus, a major plant nutrient.

Sea Kelp
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