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Rock Dust Fertilizer: Montmorillonite Minerals

Fine ground minerals mined from a rare natural deposit of Montmorillonite clay replenish soil with essential nutrients. The minerals are for all types of agriculture, hydroponics, biodynamic farming and composting systems. Corn flake particles are Montmorillonite clay magnified over 1,000 times by an electron microscope

Product Analysis

This naturally occurring soil additive contains 70 trace mineral elements essential to crop nutrition and growth. The montmorillonite’s character acts as a powerful adsorptive for heavy metals, toxins, and other hazardous soil chemicals. The antibacterial effects of the clay are also well established. In addition to being a plant nutrient reservoir, it has protective environmental properties. Mined from a natural deposit ~ contains no other additives.
Application Rates: Row and Field crops: 400 to 500 pounds per acre Citrus, trees & shrubs: 1 pound per 1 inch of trunk diameter


Totes, Bagged on a Pallet, Full Truckloads, Containers

Organically listed