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For improved plant vigor, greater stress tolerance and increased yields Vermicompost Liquid Extract is an all-natural bio-stimulant derived from worm castings through a controlled extraction process. Unlike a typical “compost tea” that is “brewed” and must be used immediately, Vermicompost Extract is a stable product that may be stored and used as required. Organically listed for use in certified organic production.

Vermicompost Extract

Made from highly uniform pre-composted dairy manure that has been composted for six months or more before it is forked over to the worms. That means piling it up and allowing it to get naturally hot enough to kill unwanted seeds and pathogens. Based on plant canopy, spray to achieve 100% leaf coverage, only to the point of run-off.
Freight to 48 States included

Vermicompost Extract is from organically grown worm castings


275 gallon totes

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