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Soluble Humate Granule 99% Concentration

Water soluble granules made from a spray dried powder offer a product form that can be used in applications where the powder can be difficult to handle.

The same 100% solubility is provided in a granule form, whether dry broadcast spreading, blending/mixing with fertilizer, or liquefied for liquid application.

When applied dry the granule offers time released properties as it slowly dissolves.

The water soluble granule (WSG) is designed for three distinct functions: rapid 100% solubility, ease of use and dry broadcast application.

TDS Humic Granules PDF

Blend with Biochar or Compost

Disperse with seed and fertilizer

Spread and incorporate into soil

Dissolves Completely in Water

SPRAY INSTRUCTIONS: Apply 1 gallon of solubilized liquid concentrate per acre, diluted with a minimum of 20 gallons of water.


2,200lb (Super Sack)

40, 55lb Bags (Pallet)