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75% Soluble Humic Acid Powder Concentrate

60% Humic and 15% Fulvic Acid

Crop fertilizers combined with humic acid are carried into plants in available forms that stimulate the plant’s metabolism. When a root enters an area of soil saturated with humic acid, a portion of the acid, specifically the fulvic acid component, injects nutrients directly into the plant roots, due to the fulvic acids small molecular size and its ability to move via its trans-cellular nature.

Once inside the roots, nutrients are quickly passed throughout the plant by the circulatory system. Valuable nutrients such as iron, copper and zinc are easily dissolved by the soil acids and transferred to plants. This transfer mechanism is necessary for the transport of minerals from the soil into the plant.

Soluble HA 75% Tech Data Sheet PDF


Full Truckloads Available
Pallets: 2,500 lbs., packaged in 50 lb. poly bags