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Pure Worm Castings

Vegan and Non-Vegan Varieties

Worm casts consist of nitrates, exchangeable phosphorus, soluble potassium, calcium, and magnesium in plant available forms as well as large surface area that provides many micro-sites for microbial activity and retention of nutrients.

Vermicastings offer concentrated organic matter with digestive enzymes produced in the worms intestines that unlock chemical bonds that otherwise tie up nutrients. Vermicastings are a rich source of phosphate, nitrogen, magnesium, and calcium and all these nutrients bind onto the organic matter in the castings.

Pure Worm Castings PDF

Pure Worm Castings Bio Assay PDF


Vegan and Non-Vegan based Pure Worm Castings.
Both are organically listed.


2,000 lb totes
Sold by FTL and LTL

Worms are grown in raised beds on concrete under roof, shielded from unwanted environmental factors.  They are fed corn and peat, and non-GMO corn that is grown on 300 acres of the property with NO insecticides or pesticides.

Indoor worm farm producing worm casts from a processed controlled environment.