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Water Soluble Amino Acid Powders

Organic Amino Acid Powder, high in nitrogen, is a vegan source of hydrolyzed protein from plants.

Adding an organic source of nitrogen allows microorganisms to convert plant based protein into useable nutrient forms.

To meet varying nutrient demands we carry a range of organically listed nitrogen powders.

Organic nitrogen protein hydrolysate is suitable for all plant types as a foliar or soil application.

From a plants perspective the role of soil microorganisms is to cycle nutrients until they become immobilized in the bodies of bacteria and fungi and then mineralized.

The most important of these nutrients is nitrogen, the building block of amino acids and in this case soil life.

Organically fed crop plants have advantages over synthetically fed soil systems. They rely on symbiotic bacteria and fungi to increase their nutrient supply from a  collection, delivery, and storage system.


Add Soluble Amino Acid Powders slowly into a 3/4 full spray tank with agitators running until completely dissolved.
Organic nitrogen is compatible with most agricultural and turf products; however, a simple “Jar Test” is highly recommended prior to mixing large batches.

When using a tank mix, add the powder first and then add additional products.

Soluble Amino Acid Powder can be used for both foliar and soil applications.

This product is recommended as a supplement to a well balanced fertilizer program, and will not supply all necessary nutrients required by the crop.

Agronomic Crops: Amino Acid Powder is safe to use on all crops.
New plantings, apply 2 to 9 pounds per acre.
Begin applications at or just prior to planting and continue applications (4-5 applications per year).

Turf: Tees, greens, fairways, sports turf, commercial and residential lawns; apply 2-4 pounds per acre.
Begin applications in the spring and apply every 3-4 weeks.


Full Truckload and LTL quantities by pallet are available.

Packaging: 50 lb bags