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Liquid Fish Fertilizer (hydrolysate)

Cold processed fish hydrolysate (enzymatically digested and liquefied) to preserve proteins for quick turnover by microbes into nutrients for plants.

This process distinguishes fish hydrolysate from fish emulsion which is processed with heat; removing oils (fungal foods) and denaturing nutrients and beneficial bacteria. Hydrolysate retains the natural oils from the fish that are a very potent fungal food.

The high protein content provides nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil and also serves as a food for soil microorganisms.

  • Cold processed liquid blend of ocean fish, crab & shrimp hydrolysate fertilizer
  • N P K : 2.0 – 0.50 – 0.30
  • Liquid product, screened at 200 mesh for use in spray, drip and other fertigation
  • Diversity of microbial species from the variety of fish, crab and shrimp that feed at various ocean levels
  • Plant available Calcium and micro-nutrients
  • High in Chitin derived from crab and shrimp shells
  • No fish oil removed from the raw material
  • Product stabilized at pH 3.5 for long-term storage stability


30 gallon drum and 265 gallon tote

Application Rate:
Gallon: Mix with 5-10 gallons water; treats 10,000 square feet
5 Gallons mixed with 10-20 gallons of water treats 1 Acre