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Why Supply-Chain Disruptions Matter

Supply-chain and raw material disruptions can create a serious impact on products already in the marketplace or under development. Material disruptions can be more problematic in “time-sensitive” environments where early market introduction is critical to success.

We’ve all heard how important it is for business owners and entrepreneurs to create great relationships with customers. But having an amazing relationship with your supplier is important, too.

Once you plug a vendors name into your business plan, you are assigning responsibility and designating them as a critical facilitator in your success.

Whether they manufacture or supply components, you will expect them to perform on time and up to your specifications, every time.

In today’s highly interconnected world, a successful vendor relationship depends on a lot more than product price. There are a host of considerations such as their customer service, R & D for continued product development, ecological product trending and handling problems when they arise.

Operating on a Global Scale brings Global Problems

MIDWAY – A Plastic Island

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh travels to Midway Atoll in the Pacific Ocean to investigate how the plastic we throw away everyday enters the food chain and possibly, our bodies.

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