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Fulvic Acid Liquid Concentrate

Fulvic acids are one of the most well-balanced and vital minerals on Earth. Considered the miracle molecule due to the sheer number of functions it performs, fulvic acid is a truly unparalleled compound. The plant and animal kingdoms rely on its benefits to support all life on the planet and is essential for healthy plant growth. Fulvic acids help to increase the nutrient uptake of plants and can condition soil for a more efficient use of fertilizers. They help in establishing healthier roots, help increase yield and are beneficial for overall better plant development.

Fulvic acid for agriculture improves soil quality, crop yield, and plant health. Concentrated fulvic and humic acid can be added to your existing watering and feeding schedules to boost the overall performance of your agricultural business

Fulvic acid is a natural, soil organic (carbon) compound. Farmers can regularly add fulvic acid to their fertilizer products.  Fulvic acid is often mined and produced from soft coal deposits (Leonardite). It increases nutrient efficiency by increasing plant nutrient uptake.

Since humic acid contains fulvic acid and those two humates are good for helping plants access minerals, it can help you recover your mineral deficient plants. You’ll want to use it in liquid form, along with the missing nutrients. Spray it on the undersides of the leaves of your plant. Then also apply to the soil. Fulvic acids are applied via foliar spraying providing nutrients that are quickly absorbed by the plant. They can also be used via irrigation mixed along with your regular nutrient solution.

Fulvic Acid Liquid Concentrate


30 and 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes

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