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Fulvic Acid Liquid Concentrate

Fulvic acids are one of the most well-balanced and vital minerals on Earth. Considered the miracle molecule due to the sheer number of functions it performs, fulvic acid is a truly unparalleled compound. The plant and animal kingdoms rely on its benefits to support all life on the planet.

Because of the relatively small size of fulvic acid molecules they can enter plant roots, stems and leaves. As they enter these plant parts, they carry trace minerals from plant surfaces into plant tissues. Fulvic acids are a key ingredient in high quality foliar fertilizers. Once applied to plant foliage fulvic acids transport trace minerals directly to metabolic sites in plant cells. The exchange capacity of fulvic acids is more than double that of humic acids. Fulvic acids are the most effective carbon containing chelating compounds found.

Fulvic acids are soluble in water at all pH conditions and bonds with macro and micronutrients that might otherwise be inaccessible to the plant. When humic acid and/ or fulvic acid are applied to soil, enhancement of root initiation and root growth are observed. The application of humic or fulvic acids to seeds will increase seed germination; resulting in higher germination rates.

Without the assistance of the fulvic acid molecule, many of the larger molecules that are unable to permeate cell walls would not make it into the plant and get washed away in runoff water. However, once minerals fuse with the fulvic acid, they become bio-active and chemically available to the plant where they are needed most.

Humic acids and Fulvic acids have direct effects on plant cell membranes. Specifically, when these are applied to plant leaves the chlorophyll content of the leaves increases. As the chlorophyll content increases there is a correlated increase in the uptake of oxygen. Chlorophyll development within plant leaves is more pronounced when fulvic acid is present in a foliar applied fertilizer.

Fulvic Acid is organically certified as soluble powder 90% concentrate, or in a liquid, sprayable form at 3%.

Fulvic Acid Liquid Concentrate is for use on all soils and plants under all conditions. Fulvic Acid’s small molecule can easily enter the cells of plants. It assists them in absorbing needed nutrients that are otherwise inaccessible.

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Fulvic Acid Liquid Concentrate


30 and 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes