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Crustacean Meals

Crustacean meals are the by-product of harvesting shrimp and crabs for human consumption.

Crustacean meals and shellfish fertilizers are rich in protein, calcium and also significant amounts of phosphorus and trace minerals. On average crustacean shells are 20–40% protein, 20–50% calcium carbonate and 15–40% chitin. The macro and microelements present along with adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron, and zinc assist with robust root growth and the flowering stage of plants.

The exoskeletons of crabs, shrimp, and countless insects contain chitin, a slow- release source of the nitrogen that plants need. Because it doesn’t leach out of the soil, it doesn’t pollute waterways the way soluble nitrogen fertilizers do.

But that’s not all. When crustacean shells are added to the soil, they stimulate and increase populations of chitin-devouring bacteria and fungi. Once these have decomposed the shells, they go on to devour certain chitinous pests, most notably root-knot nematodes, which can lead to poor yields in a number of crops.

Calcium carbonate is typically mined from geological sources such as marble and limestone. These sources while plentiful, may contain heavy metals that are difficult to remove from the mined material.

All of our crustacean fertilizers are derived from fresh cuttings of seafood originally harvested and processed for human consumption. This approach ensures our products are wholesome, nutrient-dense and consistently available. Utilizing only raw material from fisheries managed as renewable and sustainable natural resources reflects our commitment to responsible use of our oceans and estuaries.

Shellfish-based fertilizers are ideal for establishing fertile soils and vigorous plants. As recovered by-products these meals supply primary and secondary elements that are released slowly and evenly through normal soil biological activity. This natural fertilizer can be applied to control root rot, blight and powdery mildew while encouraging healthy populations of microorganisms.

Both shrimp and crab shell meals are valuable additives to compost and potting soils.

Shrimp Shell Meal

Manufactured from wild caught shrimp, processed at USDA facility.

Meal is an all-purpose fertilizer rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Calcium and Chitin, a natural polysaccharide that helps plants develop healthy immune responses.

Provides a concentrated source of minerals and like most marine based fertilizers is a natural product for enriching crop soils.

Container, Truckload, and Tote bags (2,000+ lbs)

Fish Bone Meal

Fish Bone Meal is ground fish parts that are heated and dried. In addition to nitrogen, fish meals are a good source of phosphorus.

2,000 lb Super Sacks FTL and LTL

Crustacean Meals

Crab Shell Meal PDF spec Sheet

Wild Caught Crab Shell Meal Analysis Penn State (PDF)

Crab Shell Meal

In addition to the nitrogen and phosphorus content, Crab Shell Meal also contains lots of calcium and trace elemtents. Contains chitin, making it a great fungal food. Chitin can also control high populations of nematodes.

Super Sacks

Crustacean Meals

Squid Liver Powder

Squid Liver Powder (PDF)


Shrimp Protein Meal (PDF)

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