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Sugar Chelated Fertilizers

We chelate our micro-nutrients with a sugar based food product. This chelate helps the plant absorb the material more effectively and acts as a sugar source after delivering the micro-nutrient to the plant.

Sugar chelates are extremely useful because the nutrient is absorbed and used by the plant. The left over carbohydrates molecule energizes the plant and gives it a boost of energy.

Results should be noticed within days after spraying our sugar chelated micro-nutrients


chelated fertilizers eight micronutrients

EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) has been the standard chelating agent since the early 1940’s. EDTA-chelates are still used but are most suited to high pH soil and tank mixes. Sugar-based chelates are effective with soils as well, but perform better when soil and tank mixes have neutral to low pH (<7.3). Sugar-based chelates are much more effective when applied directly to plants than are EDTA-chelates and require much less energy and  time to become available to the plants.