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Biochar: The Carbon Reef.

The most important aspect of agriculture today is providing long-term sustainability of our soils.  Earthcrew supplies an 80% carbon Biochar manufactured from  perennial plant biomass and pre-incoculated with Bacillus Subtillis.



A combo of “bio” from biomass and char from (no surprise) “charcoal,” biochar is charcoal used as a soil amendment. Stable and rich in carbon, it can sometimes last for thousands of years. It increases the fertility of acidic soils, boosts agricultural productivity and even protects against a range of soil-borne and foliar diseases. Biochars’ tiny pores also provide a safe space for Mycorrhizae and various symbiotic bacteria, protecting them from microbial predators.



Biochar, the by-product of thermal decomposition of organic materials in an oxygen-limited environment, is increasingly being investigated due to its potential benefits for soil health, crop yield, carbon sequestration, and greenhouse gas mitigation. Given its high pore volume and adsorption capacity, when applied as an agricultural soil amendment, its ability to enhance the soil’s nutrient- and water- holding capacities is enhanced.

Biochar has become a focus of research interest. In most applications, crop productivity is significantly increased after agricultural soils are amended with biochar.

In addition to increasing soil quality, the biochar pre-loaded with amendments can also sequester carbon within the soil.

**However, the long-term effects of amending agricultural soils with biochar are difficult to predict, because the mechanisms behind the increase in productivity of biochar amended soils are not yet fully understood