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Crustacean & Marine Meals

Crustacean & Marine Meals, crab, or shrimp meal, is a form of organic fertilizer. It is made from crustaceans like crabs or lobsters. The shells of these creatures are rich in nutrients, which when added to the soil helps create an ideal growing environment for flowers and vegetables.

Fertilizer made of shellfish is composed of the shells of crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp, or even lobsters and is also called shrimp or crab meal. The shells, which are rich in nitrogen, are mixed with coarse carbon rich material such as wood shavings or chips, leaves, branches, and bark.

This is allowed to compost over the course of several months while microorganisms feast on the proteins and sugars, effectively converting the pile into rich humus. As the microorganisms feed on the shellfish proteins, they generate plenty of heat, which reduces pathogens, thus eliminating any nasty, fishy odor and at the same time killing any weed seeds.

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Crustacean & Marine Meals

Crab Shell Meal PDF spec Sheet

Wild Caught Crab Shell Meal Analysis Penn State (PDF)

Crab Shell Meal

Our US shellfish meals are derived from wild Dungeness crab (Metacarcinus magister) and Pacific pink shrimp (Pandalus jordani).  They are suitable for use as natural palatants in pet food, natural organic fertilizers in crop production, and as animal and aquaculture feed ingredients that supply supplemental levels of organic minerals and protein.

Available in 2,000 lb. Super Sacks FTL

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Fish Bone Meal

This product is from fish bones and provides N, P, Ca, a small amount of K205 and micronutrients. The raw material fish are all food grade quality.


Available by FTL and LTL Volumes

Product of USA, Organically Certified

Crustacean Meals

Squid Liver Powder

Squid Liver Powder (PDF)


Shrimp Protein Meal (PDF)

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